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Scalloped tart Dish 11 3/4" Red

Enjoy evenly cooked flans and tarts with perfectly browned pastry thanks to this flan dish from the Delices collection with its delicate undulating edges and flamboyant red glaze.

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Délices 2 - Peugeot Saveurs

For mouth-watering flans, tarts, quiches and pies

All the stages in manufacturing the dishes in the Délices collection leverage the expertise of the teams working at Peugeot's factory in the heart of Brittany. The ceramic design is a closely guarded secret, meaning that the dish is the ideal solution for making the perfect quiche or fruit flan. Not only do Peugeot's ceramic dishes ensure perfectly cooked fillings and delicately browned pastry that does not stick, but also the possibility of keeping your showstopper hot for up to 30 minutes once removed from the oven. The sparkling enamel is ultra-easy to clean, will lose none of its shine or colour over time and is capable of withstanding abrasions. Available in four timeless colours, this fluted ceramic flan dish is a must-have for the kitchen.

- 100% French-made (Brittany)
- Ten-year warranty
- Slow, evenly cooked dishes for healthy and succulent meals
- Ceramic paste made entirely from natural materials
- Food kept hot for up to 30 minutes
- Quick to clean (rounded corners and smooth enamel)
- Abrasion-resistant
- Long-lasting shine and sparkle
- High edges for generous meals
- Suitable for use in ovens (250°C), microwaves, freezers (-20°C) and dishwashers